Apr 27, 2024

Rodeo x Rigs Vol. 9| Corona, CA | Event Recap

What an event

The sun is rising over the rugged terrain of Corona, CA, casting golden hues upon a gathering of off road & overland enthusiasts. It's April 27th, and from 8:00AM to 2:00PM, the off road/overland community is alive and kicking at Rodeo x Rigs Vol. 9. But this wasn't just any off road event, it was a collaboration with Leaps & Bounds Pediatric Therapy, infusing adrenaline with heartwarming generosity.

As the dust settled, the scene came alive with household names in the off-road world. Toyota, King Shocks, CBI Off Road Fabrication, Trail Wolves, Tacomabeast, Pro Eagle TIS Offroad, and more set the stage for an epic day of mud, trails, and camaraderie. The Southern California off-road and overland community descended upon Corona, eager for what lay ahead.

At the heart of it all stood Attica 4x4, representing with style and substance. Their booth, a beacon of rugged innovation, showcased the best in off road armor & lighting. But it wasn't just about our products, it was about our crew. Three brand ambassadors, FPV_Overland, B1SKO3, and Redrum_rnr, proudly displayed their Toyota Tacomas and 4Runner, armored up with Attica 4x4's finest. Their rigs weren't just trucks, they were extensions of their passion for adventure.

The turnout was nothing short of spectacular, with activities galore to keep the adrenaline pumping. From heart-pounding giveaways to BMX sessions that defied gravity, there was never a dull moment. Rig showcasing became an art form as off-road enthusiasts proudly displayed their customized vehicles, each one telling a story of grit and determination.

But as the day drew to a close, anticipation hung in the air like the scent of exhaust. Rodeo x Rigs Vol. 9 may have ended in Corona, but the adventure was far from over. With Vallejo, CA, looming on the horizon, the off-road community could hardly contain their excitement. Every trail is a new beginning, and every event is a chance to forge memories that last a lifetime.

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Rodeo x Rigs Vol. 9 Corona, CA Event

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