Overland Expo 2023 | Pacific North-West

Overland Expo 2023 | Pacific North-West

With Overland Expo 2023 | PNW coming to a close, lets look back at all the bad ass builds and vendors that attended this years event to make this happen. Learn more about this action-packed event with more that 17,000+ attendees and 395 exhibitors. With so much to experience, it was hard not to stop by every exhibitor to learn more about their approach to off-roading & the outdoors.

This year we came prepared with our 21-23 Ford Bronco decked out in our Attica 4x4 body armor & our 18-23 Jeep Wrangler JL fully decked out with our very own body armor, lighting and adventure gear. We are very appreciative of all the folks who took the time to stop by and ask questions on our two beasts. With lots of overwhelmingly positive feedback our Attica 4x4 family was cannot thank you guys enough and are glad we were able to deliver!

We would like to give a big thank you to Overland Expo for organizing such a kick ass event, and we are excited to see you guys next year with some new and exciting stuff!

Overland Expo 2023 x PNW

Embark on an unforgettable adventure in the Oregon wilderness with the Attica 4x4 crew as we conquer another exhilarating event brought to you by Overland Expo.